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India has a well established infrastructure for western travellers. You need just a little extra patience and consideration to have a wonderful experience. In this section we have given some useful information for the traveller who are planning to visit India.
Here you'll find all the information you need about passports. (For Indian citizens only) Know about rules and conditions, how to procure a new passport and change.
You need a visa to visit India. But if you are coming from Nepal you only need Identification, and visa is issued at the airport only.
» Most parts of India, use local language to speak, but you need not to worry English is now a days commonly spoken and understood language in cities and towns.
» Here are some phrases and words which you should learn before as you will come across many times.
A) My name is Peter : Mera naam Peter hai
B) Where can I get…? Kahan Milega…….?
C) Where is the washroom? Washroom kahan hai?
D) Please help me : Meri madad karo
E) How much I have to pay? Kitna paisa hua
F) Yes Hann
G) No Nahin
H) Ok Acha
I) Hello/Hi Namaste
J) Bye/See You Tata
K) Thank You Dhanyavaad
L) Water Paani
M) Tea Chai
N) Day Din
O) Night Raat
P) Fruit Phal
Q) Vegetable Sabji
R) Medicine Davaee
Because of India's size, its climate depends not only on the time of year, but also the location. In general, temperatures tend to be cooler in the north, especially
Health Precautions
Travel healthy. Once on the road (or in the air ), take all precautions that will keep you from that running nose (or tummy !), dizzy body temperatures
The Indian bazaar - a place that puts your temptation resistance skills at test. They are stuffed with bright and beautiful things - handicrafts, silks, ethnic jewelry
Tips are optional in a not-so-fancy restaurant. Place only a few rupees as a tip and not a percentage of your bill. But outside restaurants and hotels, tipping
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