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Nainital – Ranikhet – Almora – Jim Corbett Tour Package

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Nainital - also known as India `Lake District` because of the numerous lakes spread across its boundaries, derives its from an old temple of Goddess Naina Devi on the shore of the lake. It is a beautiful hill district nestled in the lap of the Central Himalayas in the Kumaon region. Legend has it that the rishis brought the waters of the sacred Mansarovar River to form over Naini Lake

Naini Lake Naini Peak (2610 mtrs) Nainital
  • Naini Lake : One of the main attractions of Nainital is the Naini Lake also called Tririshi Lake. The lake is shaped like an eye and is surrounded by hills on all side. It is said to be one of the emerald green eyes of Siva`s wife which fell at this site and hence the name Naini Tal.

  • Naini Peak (2610 mtrs) : Naina Peak, also called, as China Peak is the tallest of all in Nainital, at a height of 2611 metres commanding the finest views of the Himalayas and an intriguing bird`s-eye. On a clear day, a wide range of the snow-clad Himalayas is visible.

  • Snow View : Snow view as the name suggests offers an indescribably beautiful and breath-taking picture of the glittering snows of Himalayas. It is the most easily accessible hilltop and is 2.5 kms away from Nainital

  • State Observatory : Near the Hanuman temple stands the Uttaranchal Government observatory and the Satellite Tracking Center devoted to astronomical studies and optical tracking or artificial earth satellites. Public is shown round some of the instruments during working days at afternoons.
Ranikhet - is a year-round destination that attracts tourists from all over the country and outside. An idyllic hill station in Kumaon, Ranikhet has been a summer retreat for many city-jaded souls from the sun-scorched plains. Hill Resorts in India takes you away from the noise and pollution of crowded cities to pine scented environs of Ranikhet. Come and recharge your batteries in the pleasant climate of Ranikhet with Hill Resorts in India.

City Palace City Palace City Palace

A nature lover`s paradise, Ranikhet offers wonderful views of the Western Himalayas. Ranikhet also presents stunning view of the Nanda Devi. There are a number of tourist attractions in Ranikhet that tourists can visit. Chaubatia Gardens is large orchard that is spread over an area of 265 acres. Ranikhet is popular for two of its temples. Jhoola Devi Ka Mandir was constructed some 400 years ago in honor of the local Goddess, who protected the people from man-eating tigers. The other important temple is Kali Devi ka Mandir, which has a large number of bells. The site of the temple is believed to be 5000 years old. The other places that one can visit include Bhaludham, which is an artificial lake. Upat Kalika some four kilometres from Ranikhet on the main road to Almora is an ideal spot to admire snow capped Himalayan peaks. 
 - is a wonderful place to conveni ently enjoy the spectacular snowscape of the centralHimalayas. Most of the days in Almora are flawless. Almost everyday the tourist can see almost every peak. Almora allows you to enjoy the mighty Himalayas together with ridge after ridge of hills.The terraced fields, the stone slatted barrack-like village houses have so far put up a valiant fight against the encroachments of urban expansion and unplanned development. 

Almora also has some beautiful health resorts. The most famous among them is Ranikhet (1,820 meters from sea level). Ranikhet depicts queen` s field. It is said that a Rani while spending some time here once gave this name to the city. During the days of the British Raj, Ranikhet was a British cantonment. 

Jim Corbett National 
ParkJim Corbett National Park
 - India is a haven for Tigers as well as its prey, which include four kinds of Deer, Wild Boar and some lesser-known animals. Leopards are mostly found in the hilly areas of the Corbett park. Some nocturnal cats found here are the Leopard Cat, Jungle Cat and Fishing Cat. Sloth Bear is found in the lower regions of the park while the Himalayan Black Bear is seen in the higher hills only. The Dole or Wild Dog, though they can be seen in the southern areas of the park along with the Jackal. Some of the smaller residents of the park are Himalayan Palm Civet, Indian Gray Mongoose, Common Otter, Blacknaped Hare and Porcupine. Elephants are among one of the main attractions of Jim Corbett Park. Along the Ramganga River shores, one can spot the long-snouted, fish-eating Gharial Crocodile and the `Mugger` Crocodile. Also seen on the rocky hillsides is the Ghoral or Goat Antelopes. The Langur and Rhesus Monkeys are well distributed through out the jim corbett national park and warning the whole Jungle with alarm calls when they see either a Tiger or Leopard from tree-top perches.
  • Jungle Sufari - When you want to explore the wilds of the remote areas or the dense ones, the- option is to board a jeep. Why a Jeep? Well, it`s the most secure way if you don`t want to get scared when you hear the growl of a Lion or Tiger! More of all jeep is the best way to get the inside look of the forest and its topography. You can enjoy the jeep safari tours available in the Corbett National Park. You will get a whole new Jungle experience in this wildlife sanctuary while moving about in a jeep. And do not forget to click some pictures too. 
  • Museum - The complex at Dhangari gate has a visitor center where visitors are oriented towards Jim Corbett National Park`s ecology and biodiversity. In a museum nearby triphies of tiger, leopard and other animals have been put on display. The complex also has a cafe and a nature shop from where souvenirs can be purchased.
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